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Feedback & Testimonials

" Your company is amazing. All of my clothing arrived in plastic protecting to keep it clean and dry during transport. My dress shirts arrived on hangers. Even my socks were paired up! I highly recommend this service to all Bryant students." Eduardo Arevalo, Class of 2015

" My dorm room is so much cleaner now that I have Expedient Laundry… my clothes are no longer spread out all over my room. The best part about it is how fast the laundry is cleaned and returned back to me; less than 24 hours!” " Patrick Matthews, Class of 2015

" Thanks! The service is great, the idea is wonderful, and you are on top of communication to the client, which is a real plus!" Carole Bellew, Parent

" I'm not sure what I (or my son) would do without Expedient! We've been using this company since our son was a freshman at Bryant and have nothing but great things to say about them. They offer GREAT prices and such quick and easy laundry service. So long are the days of coming home to visit us with 5 bags full of dirty laundry! Thanks, Expedient!" Lori K., Parent, 2019

" As much as I'm looking forward to graduating, it's bittersweet because I know I'll have to start doing my own laundry again! Every one of my friends uses Expedient and we all stay stocked on clean clothes. Prior to signing up with them, I was pretty bad at letting the laundry basket fill up... well, overfill. I'm pretty sure my girlfriend would have left me by now if not for these guys." Jason T., Student, 2018

" Expedient has always done a great (and FAST) job for my daughter. We didn't find out about them until move-in day and thank goodness we did! She's used them throughout her entire career at Bryant and has never once complained. Great prices! Great service! Great guys!" Carolyn S., Parent, 2017

" Fantastic service! if you're looking for a laundry company for your Bryant student, these guys are the best! I'm so glad this service is available at the University- my son and I both thank you!" Christine, Parent, 2016

" Great company. Between classes, exams, sports, and work- I barely have enough time to sleep never mind do my laundry. Expedient has been a God sent since day 1 at Bryant. My clothes come back folded perfectly or hung and smelling like a million bucks." Alexa T., Student, 2019

" Our son has been enrolled with Expedient Laundry since his freshman year at Byrant University. Living outside of the U.S., we were looking for a company connected with the University and with good reviews. We actually ended up finding out about this company through our son's room mate. They provide excellent service and offer very reasonable pricing. Highly recommend!" Reyansh D., Parent, 2017

" Awesome company and A+++ service! My mom signed me up with these guys a year ago and it's made my life so much easier. I HATE doing laundry and these guys take that burden right off my shoulders. Never had any issues and always get my clothes back quickly and washed/dried/folded to perfection. Thanks!" Nikki S, Student, 2018

" Thank you Expedient! You guys rock. If not for you I'd literally NEVER have any clean clothes." Matthew W., Student, 2020

" Our son is great at many things- laundry is not one. This company provides an invaluable service to us all and we're very grateful we found them. They offer competitive pricing and reliable, top-notch laundry services." The D'Antonios, Parents, 2016

" Like their logo... I actually have CLEAN CLOTHES. ALL THE TIME! What a great idea this company was. So many of my friends use Expedient and all of us swear by it. It's actually painful now when I have to do my own laundry. They're SO much better at it :) I plan on continuing to use these guys until the day Bryant kicks me out. I'm in it for the long run!" Joseph T., Student, 2020

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